Academy Of Forensic Investigation

Academy of Forensic Investigation (AFI) is a registered organization. The Academy of Forensic Investigation (AFI) services team can assist you in the investigation, analysis and resolution of your business issues and disputes. Whether reacting to an incident or offering proactive solutions, our network of forensic services practices combines a global reach with dedicated local teams to support your business.

We help organizations tackle the major financial and reputational risks associated with economic crime. Our Forensic Experts identify financial irregularities, recover stolen assets, and introduce controls to mitigate the future risk of fraud.

We have also developed and pioneered new technology specializing in the capture, management and analysis of data to support investigations and dispute resolution.

The team has a long established litigation support practice. In addition, we provide investigation and accounting skills to help businesses resolve complex financial disputes arising from corporate transactions, insurance claims, intellectual property and licensing contracts, and construction projects.


We are a team of Qualified Expert in the Field of Handwriting (Questioned Documents), Bank Frauds, Fingerprints, Cyber Forensic, Web Securit, Tips on Evidence in Courts & Cross Examination.

Field work experience of giving opinions on different aspects of forensic science i.e. Handwriting, Fraud, Forgery, Fingerprints, etc in Hon’ble court of Law.

Academy of Forensic Investigation is an Organisation which is affiliated with many Forensic Organisation such as:-

Association of Forensic Education and Research.

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