Fingerprint Examination and Investigation

Fingerprint Examination and Investigation
  •   Fingerprint matching.
  •   Comparison of finger prints.
  •   Taking fingerprints for comparison.
  •   Forensic photography of the fingerprints.
  •   Lifting of fingerprints from crime scene.
  •   Taking fingerprints for criminal records.
  •   Examination of fingerprints on crime scene.
  •   Development of fingerprints from photographs.
  •   Verification of the antecedents of domestic help.
  •   Examination of fingerprints before or after death.
  •   Recording of finger prints for verification purposes.
  •   Verification of fingerprints under medical treatment.
  •   Development of fingerprints from objects or documents.
  •   Development of invisible or partially visible fingerprints.
  •   Development and lifting of finger prints from the S.O.C.(scene of crime).
  •   Preparation of graphological record on the basis of analysis record of the      finger print.
  •   Recording of the finger prints of security staff and venders, probable      visitors to the society and their antecedent verification.
  •   We ensure that you have not engaged a killer/criminal as domestic help to      provide a fool proof security.
  •   Examination of finger prints on documents and furnishing opinion there      on. Examination of thumb impression or fingerprint on Will, Agreement,      Sale Deed, Government Registry, Cheques, Bank Notes, Payrolls etc.

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