Questioned Document Investigation

Questioned Document Investigation
  •   Paper analysis.
  •   Opinion writing.
  •   Passport verification.
  •   Examination of erasures.
  •   Identification of fake wills.
  •   Addition in the documents.
  •   Examination of typescripts.
  •   Identification of fake ageing.
  •   Examination of photocopiers.
  •   Examination of printed matter.
  •   Decipherment of secret writing.
  •   Identification of printed source.
  •   Report writing in cross examination.
  •   Examination of scanned documents.
  •   Determination of sequence of strokes.
  •   Alteration, substitution, insertion, deletion.
  •   Examination of counterfeit currency notes.
  •   Forensic Photography of disputed documents.
  •   Determination of relative age of the documents.
  •   Forgery detection of “Cut and paste” signatures.
  •   Certificate, ration card, degrees, ID card etc verification.
  •   Examination of different scripts like English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi.

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